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A Heart Felt Thanks To Our Veterans

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At the time of this writing, it’s November 11, 2016 – Veteran’s Day….  Unfortunately, I was delinquent in getting this out on my blog!  I did send this out to all my followers though.  If you’d like to join my mailing list, please go to http://www.KeyConceptCoaching.com and opt-in to download my free report!  You’ll automatically be added to my newsletter where I send out notices of upcoming news and events!  Now on with the post…


A Heart Felt Thanks To Our Veterans

On April 27, 1975, under the darkness of cover, a young father and his wife woke up their four children ages 8 and under and snuck out of their house.  They left everything they had and everyone they knew and quickly and quietly went to a local airport where they were rushed onto a plane… a plane that took them away from the impending downfall of their country.   Three days later, on April 30, 1975, Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese and the war in Vietnam ended.

That; however, was the beginning of my story though.  As the youngest of the four children, I do not remember much if anything of that night.  I was still a young toddler being carried by my parents with nary a worry in the world.  The plane that we got on ended up going to a military base in Guam where we stayed for several weeks with thousands of other refugees from the Vietnam war.

From there, we flew to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas where I received my “American” name Chaffee.  Fort Chaffee was a refugee camp where thousands of Vietnamese were housed until we could be assimilated into the general population.  From Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, my family then flew to St. Louis, Missouri where I grew up.

I cannot imagine the fear and concern my parents felt that night as they gathered themselves and 4 small children and left their country, heading into the unknown.  I cannot imagine the bravery and courage it took to leave everyone and everything they knew.  I cannot imagine the strength it took to start over in a new Country without knowing anyone or even how to speak the language.

Because of their decision and subsequent actions, I have been fortunate enough to grow up and prosper in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I am forever grateful to them and all our Veterans who have fought to protect us and give us our freedoms.  The Veterans who for years fought for our independence in a political war which was fraught with tragedy.  The Veterans who fought for our freedoms and protected us as long as they could while we defended our way of life.  In the end, it was the Veterans who allowed me and my family to come to the United States and the land of the free.  As the saying goes, “Freedom, is not free.”  So thank you to our Veterans especially today, Veteran’s day.  Your sacrifice has allowed US the opportunity to grow and prosper in the greatest country in the world.

The next step… is up to us… each and every one of us.  This land, this country, is full of opportunities.  It is full of ways for us to fulfill our dreams and SUCCEED in life.  We just have to be open enough to see it and brave enough to do it.

Success… is not a guarantee.  Success… may not be easy.  Success… is up to each and every one of us to work for and achieve.  And if you don’t take the first steps, success will always be beyond reach for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Start down your path of success.  Start fighting for your highest potential.  Start succeeding in life because you can!

Celebrate Life!