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Get Powered Up

July 11, 2017 by  
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Like most kids his age, my kid loves the Power Wheels Battery Powered Toys.  He gets to ride on them safe and sound like a real big kid!  Hey, these things are fun!  If I wasn’t so big and heavy, I’d ride on them.

And of course, like adult battery powered vehicles (like the BMW i8 or the Tesla Models), they run out of power of need to be charged up.  Unlike the adult battery powered vehicles though, the charging cord is TINY… and I tend to lose them.  And no cord = no power = unhappy kid.

So I had to go and find new power charging cords.  Fortunately, yup, you guessed it, Amazon has it.

Here are the cords for my vehicles.  They’re pretty standard and will probably work for yours too:

B Connector Charger small 6V DISNEY QUAD PACIFIC CYCLE Marvel The Avenger Good Dinosaur PRINCESS FAIRIES MINNIE MOUSE FROZEN CAR MCQUEEN ATV 6V battery RIDE ON Walmart Target Toy R US

Price: $18.99 + $5.30 shipping



And for bigger vehicles:

Super Power Supply® AC / DC Adapter Charger for Power Wheels 00801-1778 Charger, 12 Volt

Price: $13.29 + $2.99 shipping

Now charge your vehicles and don’t lose the cords again!