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Guilty Pleasure – I Saw It… Did You?

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O.k. I admit it. I watched as William and Kate got married.
Me and 2 billion other people that is. Did you see it?

What did you think? Did you like her dress?

And the hats?

How can you not love the British and their hats?

I gotta say, in my opinion, it was actually a very nice wedding.

In the greater scheme of things though, it’s really what a lot of people needed right now.

As some of you know, I’m a big believer of the Law of Attraction. And as the Law says, things of the same frequency tend to gravitate towards each other. And wow! Over 1 million people gravitated towards the Church of England, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to watch as two young individuals shared their love and joy to the rest of the world. The energy radiating from that location was absolutely amazing! And while our hearts go out to those in Alabama and the south, those in Afghanistan, Syria, and a myriad of other countries where individuals were fighting for their survival, the beauty that radiated from the little Island of England made the world a better place – if not just for a moment of time. It was truly historic.

And while most people felt the energy radiating from the wedding, did you happen to really notice how that energy affected the area?

When you think about that immediate area, it’s kind of amazing. For days, the meteorologists and weather forecasters all said that it was going to rain. Some even said that there were going to be major thunderstorms. And yet, did you notice what really happened?

For days, people camped out in front of the wedding location.

And then on the day of the wedding, it was overcast and no rain in sight. Coincidence or just positive energy keeping the rain away? Keep on reading…

A 11:00 am London time, the beautiful bride to be stepped out of the car ready to walk into the Church of England. And as she did so, the clouds broke and the Sun peered through as if shining a spotlight on her right on cue. The media announcers were giggling with joy as they made this announcement. Coincidence or just positive energy again? Keep on reading…

As the ceremony ended, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got into their horse drawn chariot (the same one that William’s parents rode almost 30 years ago) and headed towards Buckingham Palace surrounded by joyous, happy people who were all clamoring to get a glimpse of the Royal couple as they made their way to the notorious balcony and the infamous first kiss.

Once again, no rain, spots of sunshine throughout and hundreds of thousands of happy, excited people.

It’s as if the Universe knew not to spoil this wondrous day for anyone.

At the Palace, the happy couple made history with not just one kiss, but two kisses, creating a massive ripple of joy, excitement, and happiness throughout the crowd. You could hear the roar of approval as this happy couple embraced their people and gave them what they wanted. There were still no rain drops although there were water droplets coming from the tears in the crowd – tears of joy, happiness, and excitement.

And then all too soon, the happy couple drove off in a convertible (with the top down of course) Aston Martin, once again, showing the people that this is going to be a monarchy for the people, uniting tradition with modern times. It was truly a beautiful, historic day… and it wasn’t over yet.

Later that evening, the bride, groom, and wedding party now in a change of outfit headed towards the reception. Kate in a beautiful, simple gown made by the same designer as her wedding dress. William, handsome in his tuxedo.

And once they were inside, the diehards, the people who stayed around to catch one final glimpse of the Royal couple, finally left and then do you know what happened?¬† Yes, that’s right, it poured.

It started raining – and hard – again, as if right on cue. As if the Universe knew, “Hey, the party’s inside now. It’s o.k. to rain.” Again, I ask, coincidence or positive energy?

Did everyone watching somehow attract a seemingly perfect day for this wedding to occur?

I guess the answer really lies with what you believe. I for one don’t believe in coincidence. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I may not understand why something is happening and I know it’s happening for a reason.

Think about it though, what can the collective energy of over 1 million people at one location or over 2 billion people worldwide accomplish?

It’s amazing to even think about it. Over 2 billion people united in one moment of time. How incredible is that? Imagine what else we can do if we united like this for the greater good more often. Imagine what we can accomplish.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could gather around yourself a group of likeminded individuals. Maybe not 2 billion people and how about several thousand? Several hundred thousand? Several million?

Ester Hicks, Author of The Law Of Attraction, just had an event in mid April. It was the first time she streamed it live across the world. She had individuals from 6 continents, 44 countries and 46 US states all watching her event. After she got off the stage, here’s what she said, “As we came off the stage at the end of the seminar I said to Abraham, “What WAS that?” Abraham said, That was the feeling of global consciousness focused simultaneous in one moment in time. That was the benefit of large numbers of people focused together, in the absence of resistance, taking thought beyond what it has been before. That was co-creating at it’s best.”

So yes, I’m guilty. I watched the Royal Wedding – and I enjoyed it. I watched co-creating the perfect day, the perfect wedding, the perfect moment in time, at its best.

Did you?

Celebrate Life!
Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen

P.S. In case you missed it, here’s the entire wedding in 3 minutes.

* Images source (April 28, 2011 РSource: WPA Pool/Getty Images Europe)