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Purpose And Passion

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Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “When you are inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to work for you.” What’s your great purpose? What’s your passion?

When I was growing up, I was repeatedly told by my father, “Go to school; get good grades; get a good job; you’ll be set for life then.” How many of you have heard this yourself? I was given two choices growing up, “You’re going to be an engineer or a doctor.” I am good with numbers, and I’ve been gifted scholastically, so I could become an engineer – not everyone is so fortunate so, being a good son (that and I didn’t feel like going to school for 10 more years), I became an engineer. The challenge was that I had no passion to be an engineer. So for years, work was just that, work. How many of you feel that way?

Being an engineer left a hole inside of me that needed to be filled – not that the work wasn’t interesting and the pay wasn’t good – it just wasn’t what I wanted to do or be. So now I had to make some choices – choices which we all make in our lives. My choices were continue being an engineer living a good life with good pay feeling incomplete and feeling financially “secure” or do something else, take some risks, and find my real purpose and passion.

Some of you are faced with that same decision every day of your life. Some of you will continue to be faced with that decision every day of your life while others of us do something else and take some chances. Neither path is right or wrong. It’s just a decision you must decide to make.

I believe that each one of us is capable of making that decision for ourselves. What I can tell you is that Dr. Wayne Dyer is absolutely correct though. When you find your purpose – one that is filled with passion – everything will begin to feel right for you. That hole inside of you gets filled with joy and happiness and there is no turning back.

On my journey to find my purpose and passion, I found the Jaycees.
The Jaycees allow me to help others learn and grow, continue to learn and grow myself, to give back to the community, to meet a great group of individuals, and to have lots of fun.
That’s why I’m part of this great organization. That’s why I believe in the Jaycees. It’s part of my passion in life.

I have met some great people in this organization and I continue to meet more great people.
I have so much fun attending the events and it warms my heart to help people who need the help when I work at a food drive, Wish Tree events, and many, many other charitable events.

What is your purpose and passion?

Allow the Jaycees to help you find your purpose and passion. Look for a local chapter in your area. Just go to and see if there’s a chapter near you. And if you’re International, look at And hey, if you want to join my chapter, just go to and join now.

Allow the Jaycees to be a part of your purpose and passion. When that happens, everything begins to work for you…