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The Power of Intention

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Begum Ibrahim wrote:
“The greatest power in the Universe and on this planet right now is human
INTENT. It´s intent that will open the door to the house of joy. And what is
it that you´re going to intend first that´s going to get you over the
threshold that lets you stand in that place where you can laugh and have
peace and be joyful with whom you are? It is the intent to have LOVE enter
your life. You´re inviting The Cosmic Lattice! You´re inviting the power
that is beyond all power! It is profound!”

It is profound. Think about it. When us “humans” INTEND to do something
with passion and desire, then it gets done. Thomas Edison was intent on
inventing the light bulb. So intent that it took him only about 10,000
attempts before he figured it out. He called them successes though because
it taught him 10,000 ways of not making a light bulb. Cornal Sanders of the
finger licking good Kentucky Fried Chicken was turned down by 1000
restaurant owners before someone accepted his receipe. He was intent on
getting his receipe out there even when no one wanted it. The Wright
Brothers were intent upon flying even when everyone told them it was

Those are just three of thousands of stories of people intent on making a
difference in the world – for themselves and for others.

Now while you may never achieve something so great in history, why let that
stop you from making all the difference in the world to yourself and to
other’s around you? Go out and volunteer in your community.

I work with a group called the Jaycees and we work with people
to run incredible life warming projects that changes the lives of people all
around us. For example, when I first started, the Hoffman Estates Jaycees
did a Visitation to the Schaumburg Jaycees Wish Tree event where we
delivered gifts to needy families.

Imagine that you’re a little child and your parents cannot afford to get you
that little red fire engine that you always wanted. And then a couple of
days before Christmas, knock knock on the door and there are these strange
people and low and behold, what do they have with them? That same red fire
engine that you’ve been asking for all year! Now imagine that you’re the
one delivering that gift to that little child and you see the light in his
eyes flare up with happiness and joy. And then you look at the parents who
have tears coming down from their faces because of the kindness of strangers
making all the difference in the world to their child.

That’s what we do. We change lives. Your life and the lives of everyone we
touch when we run community, social, and educational projects. You can do the same thing when you get out and make an impact somewhere. Find an organization close to you and if there’s no group around you, then start one. See what you can do to help those around you.

What do you intend to do this year? Why not surround yourself with like
minded individuals who intend on making a difference in this world?

Think about it and then go out and do something about it.

Celebrate Life!
Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen