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You Rock My World!

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3:59 A.M. February 10, 2010
What were you doing at that time?
If you were like most people, you were sleeping.
If you know me, I’m not like most people.
So yes, I was awake and working on some things in my office.
And then all of the sudden….
Rattle, Rattle, Thunder, Boom, Boom, Boom..
And NO! It wasn’t the Car X man!
In fact, I had no idea what it was!
My entire house shook!
Things were rattling. Books were shaking.
It sounded like something hit my house.
Like someone had climbed on the roof and was jumping up and down.
Like a tornado was whipping us around and taking me to Kansas.
Like I was Elaine from the Movie Airplane and everyone was
shaking me and slapping me telling me to snap out of it.
Ok. Maybe it wasn’t that bad only I still didn’t have any idea what it was.
And then things subsided.
And I sat there thinking, “WTF?”
And then I got up and ran around the house.
Looking for an intruder, looking for a hole in one of my walls.
Looking for a snowslide from the roof
(yes, it was the same night we got 12 inches of snow)
Maybe Santa came late in the year this year.
Alas no. Nothing. Absolutely nothing!
The next day, I find out that it was an Earthquake!
Yes! An earthquake right here in Chicagoland!
Who would have thunk it? Not me.
I mean, my sister lives in California and
I’ve felt an earthquake before only not here in Chicagoland.
It was the furthest thing from my mind.
Turns out the last one we had here was like 28 years ago!
Wow! And here I am to experience the next one.
What an experience. It Rocked my world! Literally!
It got me thinking though, what else has rocked my world?!
Well, graduating high school and going to college really shook things up.
Finding a sweetheart and getting married gives you a little rattle.
Getting a job, finding a career – that’s a constant shake-up –
especially in today’s world.
Having a kid and being a father – wow!
He rocks my world everyday. Especially when he jumps on my big belly!!
See, Rocking the world isn’t a bad thing.
Sometimes it’s what’s needed for you to truly see what’s important,
what matters to you.
Sometimes, people need a good Rocking!
So think about what’s Rocked your world in the past.
And ask yourself, “do I need to Rock my world a bit now?”
If you need a bit of Rocking
(or you’re Rocking just a little too much for that matter)
Consider getting a personal mentor to help you along.
It wasn’t until I got a personal mentor that things
really started to shake and bake for me personally and professionally.
(And you don’t have to go any further than
shooting me an email if you need one ;o)
Whatever you decide, stay on your toes and always remember….

  • i discovered a new syntax for the first time in life of reading blogs ” who would have thunk it” i ve searched my dictionary 4 “Thunk ” without much succes 

  • What dictionary were you searching in? Unless it was a slang dictionary, you probably won’t have much luck ;o)