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Your Friends Suck (Maybe)…

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Have you ever hung around a bunch of losers?
You know, people who complain and gripe about everything?
People who seem to be stuck in their life and not going anywhere fast?

And no, I don’t mean your friends or your family.
Well, o.k., maybe I do.
Now that wasn’t very nice was it?

Unfortunately, it may be true.

Have you ever noticed that on different teams if you’re the weakest link that you tend to do better than normal?
And the opposite it true as well isn’t it?
If you’re the strongest person on the team, you tend to do worse than your potential.

Why is this?
Well, as the saying goes that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most.

Think about that.
Who are the 5 people you hang out with the most?

This could be your co-workers, your family, your friends, your significant other maybe?
Think about them for a second.
Where are they in life?
How are they doing?
How are they progressing?
Are they successful or do they fail a lot?

Now take an honest look at yourself.
Where are you at?
How are you doing?
Are you progressing?

Hey, I’m not telling you to dump all your friends and family.
What I am telling you is maybe you need to ATTRACT new friends.

Maybe you need to get out and search for people who think, act, and behave the way you want to.

Here’s the interesting thing though.  You’ll find that once your interests start to change – because your way of thinking has changed – that you’ll naturally gravitate to new friends.

Sure, you still may hang out with your prior friends and you might find that you get more easily bored or distracted because you’re thinking about something else.

Now if your friends are really toxic, then maybe you do need to cut them off.

Regardless, who you hang around influences how you think.

How do you want to think?

If you want to think differently, then find people who think differently and hang around them.  Then just maybe, you won’t think differently anymore because well, you think the same… the same as your new friends.  Capish?